Five efficient shortcuts to your worst security nightmare

45-minute webinar

Learn how NOT to handle a security breach. Check out our on-demand webinar about incident response.

In the webinar, Erik de Jong, NCC's Global Lead for Incident Response, discusses security failures. Failures to keep our data confidential, failures to keep our business running, failures to respond in time.

How would you most effectively combine failures to end up in the worst possible situation? Or perhaps, how would we most effectively learn from our collective mistakes and come out on top?

We know that we can't prevent all failures from happening. And then what?

Based on years of working with incident response, Erik lets you in on a number of real-life incidents. What went wrong and more importantly, which learnings that can be drawn.

Erik de Jong | Fox-IT

Global Lead Incident Response

Cristian Prickaerts

Global head of MSS

Christian Prickaerts started his security career in 1998 working at Maastricht University.

Cristian Prickaerts

Global head of MSS

Christian Prickaerts doing incident response investigations.